Attract Top Talent

Brand today is much more important in recruitment than ever.

If you are a large company and a household name people will be attracted to you or not because of your brand.  People think of brand as something the marketing department does to sell product but it is much more than that. To an existing or potential employee it represents to them your values, personality, ambitions, image.  You only have to think of well known companies to know how they are perceived as an organisation.  For example, Virgin, Google, Tesco, Costas, British Airways, PriceWaterhouseCoopers all have very different brands, which will help them attract people of a certain profile.  Their style and what they stand for is well known.

However the inside of these organisations is often a bit different to the common perception.

If you are a medium or small company one you will not have this advantage.  Therefore building your brand via social media which after all offers space for free is a must.  Which platforms depends upon your business sector and of course they are changing and new ones are appearing.  Linkedin and Facebook are certainly essential and probably Twitter and You Tube as well.

To an applicant your brand is:

  1. Your website, especially the careers section.
  2. A google surf on your company.
  3. Reviews from all social media.
  4. Profiles of people already working for your company on social media.
  5. The content and style of your advertisement.

This will all produce and image of who you are, what you stand for and what you are like and what sort of people you employ, how well you pay, your growth prospects.

And recruiters in and outside of companies spend five minutes writing a sales recruitment advert and don’t even establish your full corporate culture and profile!  No one can effectively recruit the top 10 or 1% without researching you and establishing all this information so as to portray and attract accurately the best people for you.

The next stage of brand impression is:

  1. Anything you send them before and after the interview. (Always have more to send them than a 1 or 2 page job description.  Our research has clearly shown comprehensive job descriptions with supporting documents produce higher interest and subsequent turn up for interviews.
  2. Any online or other assessment tests.
  3. Your offices and location. Young people especially are highly swayed by these factors because it is the statement of who they are to their peers and parents and friends.  Their status and recognition.  I work in the City can be so much more impressive than I work in a suburban town! Yes you might not have much control over these factors but you can work what you have to best affect. A clear growing tend is remote working which we cover in detial on this resource site.
  4. Your reception. Arriving for interview they will see your employees going through, see how they dress, what age, race they are.  How positive and happy they look at working there.  All part of your brand.
  5. When you finally introduce yourself and shake hands.

All of the above is the important and famous, “first impressions” and you haven’t even talked about them or the job yet.

Makes sure you have got all of this in place before you even think of recruiting.


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