This resource site to Success Moves Sales give our researched, tested and proven system for success in recruiting and retaining profitable sales people.  It is designed as a tool for those who want to DIY, or clients to refer to this as a knowledge base.

To be successful in attracting profitable sales people and optimising their productivity long term, we base our formula for success on our six stage formula for success. Often the most profitable sales people are the top 10%.  However you can now realistically employ remotes or take on low cost offices making the threshold to profit far lower.  You also need to consider their profit contribution over the total time with you.  You also need to weigh in their effect on other sales team members.  Often the Top 10% are the regular job movers.

PROFILE:  You can start with your ideal person profile.  We find with many clients that probing questions leads to a reassessment.
Competencies     Job Descriptions      Positive Attitude     Corporate Culture