Buying one off advertisements is expensive, high risk and usually when done ignores the role of an experienced copywriter.  Let us be clear if it was effective to advertise then the £31 Billion per annum UK alone recruitment industry would not even exist. Nevertheless, advertising yourself can work if certain rules are followed.  You need to buy in bulk, at a huge discount and be prepared to place a series of adverts.

Adverts of any type work when there is a repeated series.  Watch TV, surf social media, when was the last time you saw a one off advert.  You also need to focus your attention on the job title.  Most potential applicants believe that the more they apply to the better chance of interviews. Thus they race through job boards pushing click here on the job title as often as they can.  Only when they get a response do they read the advertisement content.  So be prepared to have the majority of applicants totally inappropriate to your needs.  Most job boards now will include filtering question in the advertisements, use them.  Think Keywords and put yourself in the position of the applicant.  If you have a Trainee Sales Broker position in Canary Wharf.  Then putting Canary Wharf in the title can help. This is because candidates will put into job boards keywords of which their location is key.

It is also worth spending the time writing a comprehensive job description. Say 3 to 4 pages.  You may also include a slideshare or video.  The Manager making a five-minute presentation can be very effective. Writing a job description will save you time going through all the same material repeatedly.  Self-recruitment is a time burner so you need to automate whenever you can.

There are also better days and times to place adverts.  The staff at the medium you are choosing to advertise will advise you.


  1. Design the advert paying special attention to the job title and keywords.
  2. Write a comprehensive quality job description.
  3. Identify a job board or other advertising portal that clearly has adverts for the sort of position you are seeking to fill.
  4. Negotiate a rate for a series of adverts and ask their advice.
  5. Automate sending out the job description and next steps to each applicant. This will filter then appropriate out and motivate those that are right whilst saving you time.  Make clear action steps of emailing or ring you for an interview.
  6. Arrange candidates interviews all at once. If you see someone you like avoid the temptation to see more candidates. Why because candidates do constant interviews, the longer you wait the more chance of competing offers emerging.


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