Prior to the Internet, agencies spent a small fortune on advertising in newspapers and magazines usually in specialist press.  They built up their personal candidate CV database which was largely different to that of their competitors.

Now candidates go online and register their CV with job boards and put their profile on social media especially LinkedIn and Facebook to give recruiters access to them.  The Job boards like Monster and Naukri keep the databases and manage them. Agencies buy a contract with job boards.

This has given each agency massively more potential candidates.  A small agency can have access to as many CVs as a large multiple branch agency.  This means that spreading the net by calling many agencies has nothing like the value and rationale that it once had. The same logic applies to access to candidates on social media sites.

The question is how much effort and with what priority will that agency work for you.

Many of them will focus on placing multiple series of advertisements.  They are buying in bulk and repetition is the way to achieve good candidates flows.    This will provide easy money.  They can also do keyword searches of the CV databases, but will they be motivated to make the effort. Clearly if adverts are pulling good placements for them without making much effort then why should they bother.  This ironically has led many companies to using multiple agencies believing that skills shortages are more acute than they actually are.

Contingency Service:


  1. Payment only on results
  2. Can use multiple agencies


  1. Pay higher fees (because contingency means that recruiters have to fund all the time wasted that provided no income).
  2. No commitment from agency.
  3. No loyalty from agency as they will send the same candidates to your competitors.
  4. No recruitment service other than arranging an interview with you.


Retained Service:


  1. Can be lower prices
  2. Higher guarantees
  3. More service
  4. Candidates filtered and profiled exclusively for you.


  1. Deposit payment
  2. Risk that supplier may not deliver.

I would like to point out that Success Moves Sales offers several services in addition to the above.

Suggested Action:

Establish exactly the people you need and find agencies that can help.  Focus on those that deliver and give guarantees and commitment.


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