Attract and Retain Talent – Special Podcast

The ART of  Success

Special Podcast Presentation by Alex McMillan which will change the way you think about sourcing and developing new sales talent.

Alex has spent over 30 years in the recruitment and training industry and has 7 published books on Amazon. Shortly to publish new book, “How To Recruit Only Profitable Sales People – A New Approach to Talent Sourcing and Development.”

Benefits to you from the talk:

You will be excited at the innovative and practical things you can do immediately to increase recruitment success and staff productivity whilst saving money.

Why the recruitment industry has not changed since the eighties and how you are being grossly overcharged.

Why understanding how the above works means you can take back control and save money.

How to recruit sales people for a fraction of the cost.

How to avoid drop outs.

The importance of preparation and profiling and the three critical mistakes companies make.

How to attract the top quality sales talent that you seek.

The Five Golden Rules for advertising that companies always get wrong.

The Six Step Success Formula: Profile, Attract, Source, Select, Develop, Retain.

Delegates will leave able to apply the Six Step Success Formula effectively, recruiting and retaining better without using outside agencies.  It will inspire you to make strategic changes in your organisation. For this reason attendees need to be Senior.

Before you even think of recruitment you must have a structure in place to retain top talent. To avoid pouring water into a bucket full of holes!  It is very expensive in all sorts of ways to live with high staff turnover and unproductive staff.

You should sign up for this special free podcast if you answer No to any of the following questions.

  1. Our Sales Manager is capable, understand the importance of, and have been trained on managing and motivating staff.
  2. If asked the Sales Manager knows exactly what the goals are of each of their staff members.
  3. You have a formal induction process in place for the first week, month and quarter.
  4. You know your corporate culture and have your core values in writing, and can recruit to match to them.
  5. You understand the factors that lock in quality sales talent and avoid making them receptive to a headhunter call.
  6. You have a clear career path which is communicated to each staff member.
  7. When candidates leave or are terminated your Sales Manager does not blame the candidates, but take action and responsibility to improve something under their control.
  8. We have a clear brief of exactly who we want to recruit. (I am not talking about job descriptions!)
  9. We have a system in place, with or without third parties to attract and filter the right applications.
  10. We operate with speed, efficiency and leverage in our recruitment process and understand the importance of each to attracting top sales talent.
  11. We know the five main methods outside of well written adverts to attract the top talent.
  12. Our recruitment process in itself sells our opportunities.
  13. Above all we know how to only recruit Profitable sales talent.

Sign up for Our Podcast programme.   Ideal for Directors, Business Owners and Senior Managers with challenges planning to scale.

Retaining even one quality employee will save you more than this special podcast just in a replacement recruitment fee. Retain the elite of your team and the benefits are more than financial.

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